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SPT Portable Air Conditioner, 7500 BTUs, WA-7500M

SPT Portable Air Conditioner, 7500 BTUs, WA-7500M


Product Features

The SPT Portable Air Conditioner, 7500 BTUs, WA-7500M is available, Now!



Keep cool and breath fresher air with the SPT Portable Air Conditioner. Featuring oscillating louvers for even air distribution. Ideal for any room up to 200 square feet. Effectively improves air circulation in poorly ventilated spaces and maximizes energy efficiency. During the cooling process, SPTs Self Evaporating Technology extracts water from the air. This water is recycled and used to cool the cooling coils, making the air conditioner run more efficiently. In heating mode, continuous drainage is recommended. Exhaust hose installation is required. All standard accessories are included. Auto turn on when power resumes after a power failure. Digital temperature display on front of unit. Moving the unit from room to room is made easy with the use of the easy grip handle and large casters. You can run this unit continuously or make use of the programmable timer.

The SPT Portable Air Conditioner, 7500 BTUs, WA-7500M is available here!



Average Review Rating: 3.6/5

"In comparison, my 500W window AC runs cooler, but this 620W portable is so much more convenient. In my area, we need an AC only for few days a year; it was a pain to mount/unmount the window AC in summer/winter. .........."

"...... Overall, I have had a great experience with this product. I recommend it to anyone who has a small room that you could use a cooling boost for added comfort."

"I bought this unit to replace a window AC that is no longer allowed in our condo building. The primary purpose is to dehumidify our entire condo (only 850 square feet), so we are using this unit for a space larger than it is designed to cool. But, even so, it works well and it has a phenomenal Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 12.5, so you get 7500 BTU cooling for only 650 watts of power. ........... "

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